The Isles of Scilly joins HM Land Registry’s Local Land Charges Register

17 Jan 2019 03:03 PM

Our digital Local Land Charges Register continues to grow with the first full paper-to-digital transformation of a local authority's data.

From 17 January, anyone requiring local land charges (LLC) searches in the local authority area of the Council of the Isles of Scilly will need to get them from HM Land Registry rather than going directly to the council.

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is the fifth local authority to migrate its local land charges data to HM Land Registry’s national register following Warwick District Council, Liverpool City Council, the City of London Corporation and Blackpool Council.

Craig Dryden, Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning at the Council of the Isles of Scilly, yesterday said:

We have enjoyed working closely with HM Land Registry to digitise our local land charges and migrate them to the new digital LLC Register. The Isles of Scilly are home to many charges of an unusual nature such as listed buildings including several lighthouses, two telephone kiosks and a pigsty. Some charges have areas extending into the sea which are especially challenging to map. The local land charges team have worked hard with HM Land Registry to meet these challenges, and the new register now provides easier access to information for all.

Karina Singh, Head of Transformation at HM Land Registry, yesterday said:

The Isles of Scilly represent our first full paper-to-digital transformation of a local authority’s local land charges and our two teams worked closely to achieve this. While the dataset has been small in comparison to some others, there have been large numbers of ancient monuments, areas of conservation and special areas of protection on the islands to map. I am delighted that users of the LLC service now have instant access to all local land charges relating to the Isles of Scilly via our easy-to-use digital service. They can also see the spatial extent of each charge for the first time. This all helps to make the conveyancing process simpler and faster.

HM Land Registry is working in partnership with a number of local authorities in England to migrate their local land charges data to a central, digital register as part of a phased approach. Once migrated, anyone will be able to get instant online search results via GOV.UK using the Search for local land charges service.

HM Land Registry’s business customers can use their existing portal and Business Gateway channels or their usual search providers to access local land charges data for those local authorities which have migrated.

Customers will need to continue to submit CON29 enquiries to the local authority.

For an overview of the new service, watch our short video.

For more information, read about the Local Land Charges Programme.