The NDA will bring its transport and logistics expertise together

4 Feb 2020 02:17 PM

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has decided to bring its transport and logistics expertise together into a single division.

As part of wider efforts to simplify structures across the NDA group, the NDA has decided to bring its extensive transport and logistics capabilities together.

The UK has long been a global leader in this field particularly through the expertise that currently exists within the NDA’s subsidiary organisations, International Nuclear Services (INS), Direct Rail Services (DRS), and the INS subsidiary Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd (PNTL).

The NDA will be bringing together responsibility for transport and packaging, along with the operational, commercial, engineering, legal, and regulatory expertise that underpin nuclear transport and logistics, into one division.

As well as enhancing the capability, knowledge and assets required to transport radioactive and nuclear materials in support of the NDA mission, the division will also be able to support wider UK nuclear and transport strategic priorities and work with overseas governments on their challenges.

The precise scope, structure and organisational design of the transport division will be developed further over the next few months.