Traffic Regulation Order Data Discovery Project

10 Dec 2018 03:53 PM

Blog posted by: Baz Lokat, Senior Consultant, GeoPlace, 10 December 2018.

Like most people I have a routine in the morning before heading out to work; check the train times – make sure they’re running, grab my bag and head out of the door.

My walk to the train station takes 12 min 35 seconds. This morning I paid more attention than usual to my surroundings and counted 43 directives about what I can and can’t do on the road as a pedestrian, cyclist or a driver:

Baz collage
All of these instructions that form part of an everyday routine are subject to a TRO – a Traffic Regulation Order; a legal order created by local highway authority based on legislation from 1984.  They are potentially the most common legal instrument that we all come across on a daily basis.

Crucial to the way we use the road

TROs are essential to the way organisations that have people using our roads get services to us:

Most of us  have experienced at least one of these situations before:

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