Transport Secretary to set out commitment to UK investment and job creation at World Expo in Dubai

22 Nov 2021 01:23 PM

UK to work with UAE, a futuristic transport hub, to drive innovation, decarbonise transport and create green jobs across the country.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will today (22 November 2021) set out the government’s commitment to boosting international trade, bolstering British investment and creating UK jobs at a speech in Dubai.

Speaking at the UK’s Travel Summit at Expo, the Transport Secretary will outline the UK’s future vision for safe and sustainable travel rooted in international collaboration and cutting-edge innovative projects such as zero emission flight and autonomous vehicles.

Both leaders in futuristic transport technology, from flying cars to self-driving trains, Grant Shapps will be forging new relationships throughout his time at the Expo, sharing best practices across the UAE and UK, strengthening both countries’ positions as leaders in high-tech transport and creating thousands of jobs in the future.

As one of the UK’s largest trading partners – bringing in almost £18 billion to the UK economy every year – the Transport Secretary will also be holding a number of high-profile meetings over the next few days aimed at boosting trade between the UK and Dubai even further, generating UK investment and creating green jobs across the UK.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

We’re leading the charge on the transport revolution, investing billions of pounds of funding to both transform and decarbonise all aspects of travel, from the cars we drive to the planes and ships we travel on.

Working together with the UAE, a renowned high-tech futuristic transport hub, will allow us to drive these changes forward while boosting investment and creating jobs across the UK.

This year’s Expo will focus on sustainability, mobility and opportunity, positioning the UK at the forefront of global innovators and building on the success of COP26. As part of this, the Transport Secretary will be visiting a range of renewable and clean technology sites.

Already leading the charge on drones, EVs and autonomous vehicles, the UK is looking to expand and strengthen knowledge and expertise in areas such as hydrogen and sustainable fuels – building upon the £300 million of funding announced earlier this year to drive forward research into innovative transport projects.

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