UK SMI S 7: gastroenteritis

11 Nov 2019 02:45 PM


Public Health England is seeking views on the UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations S 7, which apply to gastroenteritis.

This consultation closes at: 5pm on 25 November 2019

Consultation description

Public Health England (PHE) has opened a consultation in joint partnership with professional organisations.

This consultation asks for feedback in relation to the ‘UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations S 7: gastroenteritis’.

We have refined the process so that UK SMI users can comment more easily, if they see no requirement for amendments to the document out for consultation.

Please do not add track changes to the PDF document, and submit it through the survey. A Microsoft Word version is available on request from the Standards team.

Submit comments through the Survey form.


S 7: open consultation draft PDF, 1.07MB, 20 pages