UK Spectrum Policy Forum commission two independent studies

12 Jun 2019 02:59 PM

UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) have commissioned LS Telcom and Real Wireless to conduct studies.

Following a commissioning process Real Wireless will conduct an independent study to identify the vulnerabilities of switching off 2G and LS Telcom will produce an independent study on what the characteristics are which justify exclusive use of spectrum.

Both of these studies are being funded by UK SPF Steering Board membership and to get to this stage Steering Board members decided what topics to commission studies on, two separate Invitation to Tender documents were sent out to consultants, and Steering Board volunteers (unconnected with bidding candidates) oversaw the consultant selection process.

Going forward the selection groups will work on an arm’s length basis with the consultants, the studies are due to be published by the end of year and are currently schuduled to be presented to the wider UK SPF at the Plenary meeting on 18 October 2019.  

If you have any questions please contact Jo O'Riordan on