Wales TUC calls for autism-friendly work places

3 Apr 2019 12:48 PM

The Wales TUC is marking World Autism Day by publishing a new Autism Awareness in the Workplace toolkit.

The toolkit provides comprehensive practical guidance for trade unionists and employers about how they can create autism-friendly workplaces. It also tackles the many myths about autistic workers and highlights the huge benefits that they can bring to the workplace. 

Wales TUC Policy Officer Rhianydd Williams said: “Too many autistic workers in Wales are facing daily discrimination and being denied opportunities at work because of widespread ignorance about their condition.  

“Employers have a legal responsibility to treat people with autism fairly and to make reasonable adjustments to the work place where necessary.

“We hear about far too many cases where autistic workers are having to work in unsuitable conditions and being put under completely unnecessary stress. In many cases there are simple steps that an employer could take to improve the situation.

“Our new toolkit gives people the information and advice they need to push for change at work.”

Examples of autism-friendly changes to the work place include:  

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Autism awareness in the workplace

Find out about our new toolkit to promote autism awareness in the workplace.


Autism Awareness in the Workplace (English) 1.69 MB

Ymwybyddiaeth o Awtistiaeth yn y Gweithle (Cymraeg) 1.69 MB