Water | Price Review 2019 - Industry Transformation

17 Dec 2019 02:36 PM

Yesterday, 16 December 2019, the Water Regulator (Ofwat) has published the Price Review 19 final determinations, which contains a number of key demands for water companies in England and Wales over the next five year. 

The £51 billion package also includes £469 million to address long-term drought challenges, more than £1 billion to help protect from flooding and identifying and helping an additional two million customers, who need extra support.

Other demands include reducing mains bursts by 12% and reducing pollution incidents by 12%. 

In the document, the regulator also says it recognises that Londoners deserve a better level of service, so it will allow Thames Water to bid for up to an additional £480 million to deliver improved service resilience.

But in order to access this, Ofwat added that they will need to pass a series of tests and Thames’ investors will also need to provide substantial additional funding.

Infrastructure for Increased Resilience

Protection of the Environment 

Customer Service 

Affordability of Bills 


Key documents

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Blaenoriaethau Llywodraeth Cymru a’n penderfyniadau terfynol ar gyfer adolygiad prisiau 2019 (yn Gymraeg)

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