Welsh NHS Confederation welcome Plaid Cymru report into mental health services

16 Aug 2019 01:06 PM

Nesta Lloyd-Jones, Interim Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation responded to the Plaid Cymru report on mental health services in Wales 

“We welcome this report into mental health services by Plaid Cymru. Providing people with the mental health services and care they need is a key priority for the Welsh NHS and in our response to the Parliamentary Review we recommended that meaningful outcome measures for mental health and primary care services needed to be developed. We are therefore pleased the Welsh Government’s long-term plan for Health and Social Care, A Healthier Wales, incorporated physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as the development of high quality outcomes and standards.

“We know that in order to achieve person centred care and to maintain people’s mental health and wellbeing, the NHS needs to work with public sector, and our partners within communities. If we are to reverse the growing demand on mental health services, our approach is going to have to be about more than the NHS, focussing on making early interventions and prevention.

“There are, of course, significant pressures faced by the NHS in Wales, including recruitment and retention of staff and increasing demand for services which underline the need to change our approach, as highlighted within the Parliamentary Review.

“Although mental health problems are common, it can still be a taboo subject. People who experience mental illness often face stigma and discrimination in the workplace, socially and within families. All Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales have signed the Time To Change pledge, ensuring they will take positive steps to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.”

Report:   A check-up on mental health