Wet July sees Shetland shine

2 Aug 2017 02:52 PM

Early statistics for 1-29 July show that it has been a wet month, with all areas receiving more than their average rainfall while temperatures have been close to average in most places.

The provisional statistics show that some areas have been particularly wet, due mainly to significant thunderstorms in the south. Hampshire for example has received 118% more than its average rainfall for the month.

The UK as a whole has received 22% more than the July average rainfall. Northern Ireland was the region with the most rainfall with 113.1mm, 39% above its monthly average.

All regions have been close to the average for sunshine hours, although only Scotland and Northern Ireland have received over the average. Notably, Shetland has seen more sunshine than Cornwall in July, and this is only the 8th time this has happened since records began in 1929. The Shetland area had 192.9 hours of sunshine while Cornwall had 153.5 hours.

Mean temperatures have been generally unremarkable on a wider scale, however locally there have been some larger anomalies. The Isle of Wight has been 0.8°C warmer than the July average, while in contrast East Lothianshire has been -0.8°C cooler than the average.

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