What we’ve learned so far at our Sprint events and how to register for the next one

1 Jul 2019 02:34 PM

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been running a series of 4 Sprint events around the UK, in collaboration with the governments of Scotland and Wales as well as the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Leeds City Council. 

These events have put a spotlight on the great digital transformation projects happening across the UK and have celebrated the organisations – and the people – delivering them.

For us at GDS, it’s been an opportunity to work closely with our colleagues across the UK and to get a better understanding of their work and ambitions.

As we prepare for our Sprint 19 event in London in September, here are 4 things we’ve learned from the 4 Sprint events we’ve held so far this year.

At the end of this post, you will also find information about how to register for the London event.

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