Women’s Business Council publishes ‘One Year On’ report

3 Jun 2014 03:35 PM

Women’s equality in better place than ever before.

The Women’s Business Council (WBC) published its ‘One Year On’ report yesterday, calling for a fundamental change in mind-set from business leaders, to help remove the final barriers to women’s equality.

In June 2013, the WBC published a number of recommendations for business and government to improve opportunities for women. Since then things have been moving in the right direction. There are more women in employment than ever before, more women running their own businesses, and 4,000 more female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subject graduates than in 2013.

But despite this progress, the WBC is convinced that male leaders can do more. The members have spoken to over 500 companies and individuals over the last year, and held discussions with male Chief Executives. The report concludes that male leaders are important, as visible agents of change, to ensure women are not held back in reaching their full potential in the workplace.

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