techUK announces new Smart City group!

4 Nov 2020 11:20 AM

techUK is delighted to announce the formation of our new Smart City group!

At such an important time in the UK’s history, it’s a great pleasure to announce the formation of techUK’s new Smart City group – a diverse, multidisplinary collective of some of the world’s brightest urban technology companies and thought leaders.

The core purpose of this group will be to bring industry experts and stakeholders together to identify, optimise and activate pathways towards human-centred, inclusive and resilient smart technology adoption across the UK. More specifically, this group has been devised in order to:

A total of 25 member companies were selected to participate in the new group, with wide-reaching representation across a number of different problem domains and market areas. These organisations include:

Looking to the future, this group will serve as the core driving force for techUK’s work on smart cities, helping to ensure that smart systems, technologies, and solutions are an integral part of city strategies up and down the UK.

“Smart cities – which use digital technologies to capture data to generate insights to support communications, operations and planning - can help us build resilience, deliver efficiencies and support climate action. But we can only achieve this through stronger collaboration, targeted innovation, and meaningful citizen participation. With its rich membership base, techUK is uniquely placed to work on these challenges with members, cities and government and other key actors in the urban planning ecosystem.” – Susanne Baker, Associate Director, Climate, Environment & Sustainability, techUK

"Smart city technologies have the potential to radically transform our economy and improve the quality of life of our citizens. With our existing areas of expertise, world-leading communications infrastructure, and innovative companies, the UK is well-placed to set an example that the world wants to follow by inspiring and mobilising others to overcome the  global challenges we face such as climate change and sustainability, security and safety, poverty and inclusion, pandemics and chronic diseases.” – Julian David, CEO, techUK

If you would like to learn more this work, get involved or collaborate with this group then please get in touch with Tom Henderson ( to find out more today!