techUK comments on the Prime Minister’s G7 speech

30 May 2017 03:26 PM

techUK responds to the Prime Minister's speech on the fight against terrorism.

Tech firms are clear that extremist content has no place on their platforms and are committed to continually improving measures to identify and remove such content.

The PM’s speech highlights the importance of international cooperation and the need to work together - industry, governments and NGOs - to tackle this evolving challenge. That work is already underway.  As a number of companies set out in a recent letter to the Home Office, they are committed to working through an international forum to accelerate and strengthen existing work, to encourage development of new technologies and processes to improve identification and removal of terrorist propaganda, and to using the reach and diversity of their platforms to promote counter-speech and empower those with inclusive and positive messages. 

Putting in place the right solutions to combatting the misuse of online platforms is of course just one part of the jigsaw in tacking extremism. Tech companies are committed to playing their part, working within a clear legal framework and in full recognition of the seriousness of these issues.

The overall approach should be accompanied by a wider public engagement and transparency to ensure that it also upholds the values expressed by G7 ministers to safeguard fundamental rights and free expression which play such a vital role in exposing and condemning extremist ideologies.