techUK responds to BEIS new approach to tech regulation

12 Jun 2019 12:18 PM

techUK comments on the news that BEIS is looking to ‘rewrite the regulation rulebook to ensure UK leads tech revolution and empowers consumers’.

Commenting on the announcement that the Government is to change the way it approaches regulation in order to better support technological change, Antony Walker, deputy CEO techUK, yesterday said:

“Tech is an incredibly fast moving sector and it is critical that regulation is able to keep up. Too often in the past, regulation designed for an old way of doing things has stood in the way of new methods of working that can benefit both businesses and the public. This new approach can help ensure different rules can be tested safely and quickly, and that where regulation is no longer fit for the modern world, there is a process for allowing it to be reformed.

“The measure of success for this new approach will be all parts of Government working together to support innovation. As tech revolutionises every part of our economy and society, it can no longer just be ‘digital’ departments that think about the impact of rules on tech innovation. Regulations as diverse as what type of vehicle can go on the road, to whether or not proof of your age can be sent from your phone, can stand in the way of new products getting to UK consumers.

“In the rapidly-changing digital world, it will also be important that there is a common approach across Government to new the regulation that protect consumers. Whether that’s ensuring a consistent definition of ‘social media’ or identifying where different Departments are approaching existing rules in different ways, the proposals for a Regulation Navigator can help enable businesses to understand the rules that affect them and how they may evolve in the future.”