Annual Reports

CLG: Results from the Audit Commission showing that all fire services have improved their performance in preventing fires and saving lives have been welcomed by Fire Minister Parmjit Dhanda.
The independent report recognises that fire deaths are at their lowest level since the 1950s and praises the Fire and Rescue Service's commitment to delivering community safety initiatives, which are helping to reduce arson and, in conjunction with the police, to improve road safety.
Press release ~ Audit Commission Assessment for 2007 ~ Quarterly rolling update Fire Statistics Monitor ~ Annual statistical bulletin for the years 1995-2005 ~ Fire Gateway
Defra: Defra has announced the first results from monitoring the impact of the ‘0% set aside rate’, which show that the amount of farm land left un-cropped is likely to fall by more than 50% in 2008. The results from Defra's Farm Business Survey (FBS) are in line with its earlier analysis of the likely impact of the decision by the EU to set the set aside rate to 0% for the 2008 harvest year.
Previously Environment Secretary Hilary Benn had announced that a programme of environmental monitoring of farmland would be set up under Defra's Agricultural Change and Environment Observatory (ACEO) in the wake of the EU Agriculture Council's decision.
Press release ~ Defra's Farm Business Survey (FBS) ~ Defra, UK - Observatory Programme ~ Defra - Setaside
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