Annual Reports

DH: The official report on NHS performance shows the NHS is on track to deliver up to £5.9bn savings this financial year whilst maintaining or improving quality of services.  The Quarter 2 report shows that of the 8 key quality areas highlighted, all have been maintained or improved.  In particular the NHS has reduced MRSA and C. difficile infection rates as well as driving down breach rates for mixed sex accommodation.
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HPA: The Health Protection Agency’s (HPA) second report on Migrant Health (and the first UK-wide report) was published recently. The report brings together infectious disease surveillance information with a focus on non-UK born populations.
Most people migrating long-term to the UK plan to study or work and will have a similar range of health concerns to UK born residents in the same age bracket.  However, a small proportion of the non-UK born residents bear the greatest burden of infectious disease reported in the UK.  

For example, in 2010, 73% of TB cases reported in the UK, almost 60% of newly diagnosed cases of HIV, and 80% of hepatitis B infected UK blood donors were born abroad.
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DH: The third annual report of the National Oversight Group (NOG) for high secure psychiatric services is available.   The NOG for high secure services brings together partners to provide oversight on service provision on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health.
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