Annual Reports

FSA: The Food Standards Agency has published the fourth annual Chief Scientist report, covering the Agency's scientific work from April 2009 to March 2010.
Press release ~ Annual Report of the Chief Scientist 2009/10 ~ Our Chief Scientist's blog
ScotGov: Rates of C.diff infection & MRSA in Scotland's hospitals have fallen to their lowest ever level, according to latest figures. The statistics, from Health Protection Scotland, show rates of C.diff have fallen by over 42%, compared with the same period last year, while MRSA rates are down nearly 45%.
Press release ~ Health Protection Scotland - superbug figures
OfgemNational Grid has published the final winter outlook report for 2010-2011. The report is produced yearly to set out the availability of gas & electricity supplies for the coming winter.
Press release ~ Winter Outlook Report 2010/11
Energy Optimisation: Reducing Costs whilst Driving Sustainability