Annual Reports

DWP: Two reports published last week reveal the Government is making progress in restoring common sense to health & safety and saving businesses £ms and considerable time every year. 

The first authored by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt, looks at the progress made in implementing the recommendations contained in his 2011 report ‘Reclaiming Health and Safety for all’.
The other report finds the Government has already implemented 23 of the 35 recommendations in Lord Young's 2010 report ‘Commons Sense, Common Safety’.
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ScotGovStandards of cleanliness in hospitals are improving & helping in the battle against healthcare associated infections, according Scotland’s top hospital inspector. A report by the Chief Inspector of the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) found that the number of requirements & recommendations issued to health boards as a result of inspections reduced significantly last year.
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PC&PE: The Defence Committee accepts that there are deep-rooted problems with the present acquisition system and draws attention in a new report to the example of the decision in 2010 to change to the carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, a decision which later had to be reversed.
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PC&PEPublic Accounts Committee has published a report which examines the Department's funding for local transport. The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the PCA, said: "The Department for Transport makes a substantial contribution towards the funding of local transport services, but has no clear way of controlling how this money is used”.
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NAO: In challenging circumstances in 2011-12, HM Revenue & Customs maintained its performance in key strategic areas at the same time as reducing its staff & spending.  

The Department improved its cost effectiveness & value for money in the year.  While acknowledging these achievements, however, a National Audit Office report has warned that it is ‘too early to tell what the long-term impact of cost reduction will be on HMRC’s performance’.

The challenge for HMRC will be to make more & deeper reductions over the spending review period while increasing tax revenues, improving customer service and introducing its ‘real time information’ project and changes to benefits & credits.
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TUC: The recent fall in productivity could become a permanent feature of the UK economy unless we see a significant boost to demand and a return to growth, according to the TUC's latest economic report

With productivity growth the best way to reduce the structural deficit, deliver economic growth & raise living standards, the TUC report examines why the UK has fallen behind its major competitors - including the US, France, Germany & Japan - in recent years.
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