Annual Reports

FSCS: The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) Annual Report and Accounts 2008/09 chronicles the impact of the continuing turbulence in the markets on the work of the FSCS, including the Scheme’s work in relation to the recent bank failures.
In 2008/09, the FSCS protected the holders of about 3.5m bank accounts while delivering compensation in innovative ways and managing costs effectively.  During the 6 months from the end of September 2008, the FSCS paid out more than £21bn in compensation.  This compared to some £1bn the Scheme paid from its inception in 2001 until late September 2008.
Press release ~ FSCS Annual Report 2008/09
DCSF: Schools Minister Diana Johnson has ‘welcomed’ the provisional Key Stage 2 test results for 11 year olds. The figures show that the number of primary school pupils reaching level 5 in maths has increased by 4 percentage points, meaning that 23,000 more are reaching this higher level than in 2008.
Press release ~ Statistical First Release showing the Key Stage 2 provisional results
ECGD: ECGD, the UK’s official export credit agency, has published its Annual Review and Resource Accounts 2008-09, showing it provided £1.46bn of support to UK exporters & UK investors undertaking business overseas. The report showed ECGD issued 136 guarantees & insurance policies to support British companies competing in overseas markets, compared to 96 in the previous financial year. ECGD earned £38m of premium and recorded a net operating income of £299m.

Press release ~ Annual Review and Resource Accounts 2008-09
ScotGov: For almost 160,000 anxious pupils across Scotland the wait is finally over, as the Scottish Qualifications Authority delivers their exam results. For the majority of pupils it will be good news, as pass rates from Access 3 to Advance Higher level remain stable with small improvements in attainment in most cases.
The Scottish Government is working to develop the next generation of Scottish qualifications, which will come into effect from 2013.  These will deliver qualifications that reflect Scotland's new approach to teaching & learning with a more streamlined system, which is simpler for pupils, parents and employers to understand.
Press release ~ Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) ~ New national qualifications
BIS: The Government has published annual performance reports for each of England’s Regional Development Agencies (RDAs).  They showed that all of the RDAs are meeting the objectives, milestones and targets set out in their corporate plans. An independent study earlier in the year claimed that, overall, every pound invested by RDAs will generate at least £4.50 for their regional economies.
The RDA funded BusinessLink service has refocused its service to meet the immediate needs of businesses to survive & prepare for the upturn.  Over the last year the service has nationally supported 942,166 businesses, the majority of which are SMEs which are the backbone of the country’s business community.
Press release ~ Performance reports for each of the Regional Development Agencies ~ England’s RDAs
ScotGov: Latest figures show that 248 people in Scotland died in 2008 where Clostridium difficile was the main cause of death, while there were 48 deaths due to MRSA. According to the figures, the number of deaths where C.diff was the main cause of death fell steadily throughout 2008, from 75 in the first quarter to 42 in the last.
Following a Health Protection Scotland investigation in 2008, commissioned by the Scottish Government, some health boards revised their guidance to doctors on the completion of death certificates. This was done to reduce the number of occasions on which C.diff is mentioned in the wrong part of the death certificate.  Because of this, statistics for 2008 are not directly comparable to those for 2007 and earlier years.
Press release ~ ScotGov: Action to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections ~ Health Protection Scotland MRSA report ~ HPA – C.Diff Deaths ~ Publication of National Hand Hygiene NHS Campaign Compliance with Hand Hygiene - Audit Report ~ Health Facilities Scotland ~ ScotGov - Healthcare Associated Infection MonitoringRevised cleaning specification (June 2009) ~ Action to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections ~ ScotGov - Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Task Force ~ Independent Review of the Vale of Leven clostridium difficile outbreak ~ HAI Task Force Delivery Plan April 2008 - March 2011 ~ Related documents / links ~ Update to MRSA Deaths ~ Update to Clostridium Difficile Deaths
ScotGov: Official statistics published by the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) show that, in 2008, Scotland remains on-track to meet key targets on cutting premature deaths from the 'big three' killers - heart disease, stroke and cancer.
The Scottish Government's new Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care Action Plan has improving people's health before problems develop at its core.  Measures range from encouraging healthier lifestyles to improving cardiac and stroke treatment & care and boosting staff skills.
Latest figures showed that NHS Scotland met the national target to treat 95% of urgently referred cancer patients within 2 months for the first time.  The Scottish Government's action plan, Better Cancer Care, sets a new target that, by 2011, all patients diagnosed with cancer, whatever the route of referral, will start treatment within 31 days from the date of decision to treat.
Press release ~ Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care ~ General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) ~ NHS Scotland ~ Better Cancer Care
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