Annual Reports

CRC: The Commission for Rural Communities has published the State of the countryside 2010 report giving an up to date definitive picture of rural England.  The report provides detailed evidence of the circumstances of people living & working in rural areas drawn from extensive analysis using the latest official statistics.
Press release ~ State of the countryside 2010 ~ Read the full CRC press release
Newswire – AC: Since 1990 a yearly government survey has indicated that between 9% & 10% of 16 - 18 year olds are without wages, schooling or training.  Now a new study by the Audit Commission looks at the financial, personal & social cost of teenagers who are so-calledNEET’ - Not in Education, Employment or Training.

It has found that the problem may be worse than the annual 'snapshot' survey shows, but that a new approach can make scarce resources work harder for those at greatest riskAgainst the Odds - Re-engaging young people in education, employment or training looks deeper into this issue than any previous report.  

Analysis of the records of 24,000 young people in 10 areas countrywide suggests that as many as one in four young people may be outside school, work or training, and that the number affected varies widely across the country.
Press release ~ Against the odds - Re-engaging young people in education, employment or training
Award Winning Cycle to Work Scheme