Annual Reports

AUK: Following recent media focus on inadequate hospital care for older people, the crisis in social care, and the delay in the implementation of age discrimination legislation, Age UK is calling on the Government to create a new visionary framework for ageing to enable us all to prepare better for later life. The new framework should provide older people with protection and security whilst enabling them to fulfil their potential.
Age UK’s call comes  in its Agenda for Later Life 2012  report which outlines the charity’s calls to action and also presents  a unique 360 degree look at what life is like for older people in austerity Britain - from health, to income, discrimination, housing, transport and financial services.
Press release ~ Agenda for Later Life 2012
Ofsted: In a major survey carried out over the last 3 years Ofsted has found wide differences in the quality & quantity of music education in schools across England. 1 in 5 of the schools visited were judged inadequate for music. The findings & recommendations are published in a report recently.
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NAO: The National Audit Office has published a report on the efficiency of central government office property since 2004. The spending watchdog has found that departments have made good progress in improving the efficiency of their office estate.  However, in order to achieve the best value for money, departments should stop managing their estates in isolation from one another.
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ScotGovGovernment & Expenditure Revenue Scotland 2010-11 (GERS), published by the Chief Statistician, shows that, including a geographical share of UK North Sea oil & gas revenues, Scotland contributed 9.6% of UK public sector revenue and received 9.3% of total UK public sector expenditure, including a per capita share of UK debt interest payments
Press release & links ~ Related press release
HEFCE: In October 2011, the Higher Education Funding Council England published its approach to implementing the control on the number of full-time students that universities and colleges can recruit for 2012-13. This included information about how they could bid for 20,000 'margin' places. The outcomes of bids have now been published.
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PC&PE: The Department for International Development's (DFID) operating & administrative budget is being restricted at the same time as overall UK aid expenditure is growing - raising concerns amongst MPs on the Commons International Development Committee that DFID may be spending the aid budget less effectively, because it is being forced to outsource staff functions and spend considerable sums on consultants.
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PC&PE: The Commons Public Accounts Committee has published its latest report on preparations for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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