Annual Reports

CC: Debate about charities and the role that they play in society has been wider and more intense than ever this year, says the Charity Commission in its annual report.
The report by the regulator for the 190,000 charities registered in England & Wales explains how the Commission has performed against a range of indicators and looks at the impact of its work on both the charity sector & wider public in the last year.
Press release ~ Annual Report 2006 - 07
OSOrdnance Survey, the national mapping agency, has presented its Annual Report to Parliament showing that it exceeded all five financial & service quality targets set by government for 2006–07 and will pay a £4.6m dividend to the Government.
Press release ~ Annual Report and Accounts 2006 ~ Ordnance Survey
Defra: The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS) published its Annual Report, which lists cases in which wildlife - including beneficial insects and domestic animals - are suspected to have been put at risk or harmed by pesticides.
It highlights the importance of using pesticides correctly and it also confirms that the abuse of pesticides - deliberately and illegally using them as poisons - makes up a significant proportion of all pesticide poisoning incidents.
Anyone finding a suspect carcass should contact Defra on freephone 0800 321 600 with details on the location of the incident, the number and type of casualties or the suspected baits, and why they believe pesticides may be involved.  Do not risk exposure to possible poisoning by touching carcasses.
Press release ~ Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS) ~ 'Pesticide Poisoning of Animals in 2006: Investigations of Suspected Incidents in the United Kingdom' ~ Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) ~ The Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP)
TfL: Congestion Charging has maintained reduced levels of traffic in central London and cut congestion in the western extension by up to 25%, according to the Fifth Annual Impacts Monitoring Report
Traffic levels in the original zone remained stable in 2006, at 21% lower than before the scheme was introduced in 2002, while traffic levels on boundary routes of the original zone have remained comparable to previous years.
Initial monitoring of the original charging zone suggests that congestion levels have not been affected as a result of the introduction of the western extension. As reported in February 2007, congestion levels in central London are being adversely affected by an increase in road works, notably by utility companies, which reduce the capacity of the road network. 
Press release ~ Fifth Annual Impacts Monitoring Report ~ Congestion Charge scheme ~ Congestion Charge website ~ Postcode checker ~ ~ Legible London
NAO: Sir John Bourn, head of the NAO, has issued his audit certificate on HM Revenue & Customs 2006-07 Trust Statement of revenues.  Sir John was able to issue an unqualified audit opinion on the truth & fairness of the Trust Statement, but in common with 2005-06, issued a qualified opinion on regularity due to levels of claimant error & fraud in the tax credits system.
In the first three years since the scheme was introduced in 2003, overpayments arising from adjustments to awards, and other small changes to entitlement after the finalisation of awards, have led to a debt of £6bn.  At the end of March 2007, the Department had collected £2bn of this debt and written off £0.7bn.
At the end of March 2007, £3.9bn of this remained to be collected by HMRC.  It has also provided for £1.6bn for those debts where recovery is doubtful.
NAO press release ~ HMRC response press release ~ HMRC Standard Report 2006-07  ~ HMRC
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