Annual Reports

FSA: The level of radioactivity people absorb through food remained below the EU legal limit during 2008, claims a report published by the Food Standards AgencyRadioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) 2008 is an annual report combining the Agency’s monitoring results with those of the Environment Agency, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.  It is the most comprehensive annual independent report of radioactivity in food, and covers the whole of the UK.
The survey measures radioactivity from different parts of the food chain, including for people who live close to nuclear sites and eat locally produced food.  The report also assesses how much radioactivity people would absorb from authorised radioactive discharges in the environment, for example from the air.
By combining these sources, the report found that the total dose in the UK is significantly under the EU annual dose limit for members of the public of 1 millisievert for all exposures to radiation.  The findings do not highlight any safety concerns for the food chain.
Press release ~ Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) 2008
Newswire – LGA: Councils are working hard to develop their staff and offer the best value-for-money services during the recession, the latest Local Government Workforce Survey has found, but the latest findings show that the number of councils with recruitment & retention difficulties has reduced dramatically.
Press release ~ Local Government Workforce Survey 2009 ~ Local Government Workforce Leaders conference (10 December 2009) ~ Local Government Workforce Strategy ~ LGA press release on Social Worker recruitment
CRC: The Commission for Rural Communities has updated their 10 Big Numbers (some of which remain unchanged) which continues their State of the Countryside work by bringing together a set of statistics covering a range of factors affecting fundamental aspects of living and working in rural areas.
These statistics can be regularly updated and are based on robust & widely understood data sources.
In addition to national tables associated with the 10 Big Numbers, for the first time they provide regional tables for the vast majority of the statistics.
Their next full State of the Countryside report is due to be published in the summer of 2010.  In addition to the reports, the CRC also produce a number of focused State of the Countryside Updates − which look at a specific issue or dataset from a rural perspective
Press release ~ 10 Big Numbers ~ State of the Countryside ~ State of the Countryside Updates
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