Annual Reports

FSA: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published its Annual Report for the year 2008/09. The report details how the FSA performed during the year against its statutory objectives and how it has delivered outcomes for both firms & consumers under the three headings, which cover all the FSA's work:
* promotion of efficient, orderly & fair markets
* helping retail consumers achieve a fair deal
* improving its business capability & effectiveness
Press release ~ FSA Annual Report 2008/09
SGC/SAP: The Sentencing Guidelines Council and the Sentencing Advisory Panel, the two independent bodies responsible for promoting clear, effective & consistent sentencing, have published their fifth joint annual report.
Press release ~ SGC/SAP annual report 2008/09 ~ SGC/ SAP
Monitor: Results published by Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS foundation trusts, indicate that foundation trusts are continuing (in most cases) to meet national standards & targets in key areas such as combating healthcare associated infections.  
The report reviews data on key service performance issues and includes the end of year financial position for the 115 NHS foundation trusts authorised at 31 March 2009.
Press release ~ NHS Foundation Trusts: Review of twelve months to 31 March 2009
BIS: The 2009 Value Added Scoreboard uses ‘Value Added’ by companies to measure the amount of wealth they create.  In particular it reflects the ability of companies to provide their customers with what they want and are prepared to pay for.  Value added (VA) is defined as the difference between sales and the cost of bought-in materials, components and services.  
This year’s scoreboard (using data from 2007/08) shows that UK companies are amongst the top 3 performing countries across Europe.  Of all wealth created in Europe 58% of was produced by UK, German and French companies.
Press release ~ 2009 Value Added Scoreboard