Annual Reports

Newswire – AS: The Accounts Commission says councils have carried out substantial work to address the serious challenges of delivering quality services with less money. However councils & councillors face increasingly difficult choices in allocating funds and prioritising services.
The report highlights councillors’ community leadership role and says this will be vital as they consider service redesign & changes.  Councils need to be able to show they have considered all options. They should continue to work with partners both within local government and across sectors to coordinate initiatives, remove barriers and support more efficient & effective service delivery.
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YPLA: The Public Accounts Committee Academies Programmereport focuses on the performance of sponsored academies; how they have performed impressively to date, achieving rapid academic improvements and raising aspirations in some of the most deprived areas in the country.
Press release ~ Academies Programme report ~ YPLA ~ National Audit Office (NAO) Academies report
Taking National Care Local: An Interview with The Health Foundation on the Government’s New Budget