Business and Other Briefings

Business Secretary suspends 49 export licences to Egypt

August procurement update

Revenue & Customs Brief 24/13
R&C brief informing that the UK Government has received notification from the European Commission that they have decided to open a formal investigation relating to certain exemptions and reliefs within the aggregates levy.

Revenue & Customs Brief 23/13
This brief announces the issue of a revised VAT Information Sheet 10/13 which replaces the previous VAT Information Sheet 14/12.

Revenue & Customs Brief 22/13
This brief sets out HM Revenue & Customs' view on how to calculate the value that will be subject to Inheritance Tax for a Discounted Gift Scheme held in a relevant property trust when the ten year anniversary charge arises for the trust.

Revenue & Customs Brief 21/13
This brief confirms that the VAT exemption for supplies of business research between eligible bodies will be withdrawn from 1 August and announces that transitional arrangements are to be put in place for services within the scope of current contracts.

Keeping benefit and business grant payments flowing