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DECC: The UK is offering small emitters & hospital installations the opportunity to ‘opt out’ from the EU ETS from 2013 as part of Government efforts to cut down on red-tape.  The Opt Out scheme could save industry up to £80m from 2013-2020, depending on take up from the around 250 eligible installations, accounting for 1% of UK EU ETS emissions. 
The Government is now inviting applications for the ‘Opt Out scheme’ which has been published on the DECC website. The application period runs until 18 July 2012..
Press release ~ Small emitter and Hospital opt-out scheme
FSA: The Financial Services Authority will require all banks, building societies & credit unions to prominently display posters and stickers in branches and on websites explaining which deposit guarantee scheme applies to their customers’ deposits.  These rules will take effect from 31 August 2012.
If customers are using the UK branch of a foreign bank from the European Economic Area, (EEA), the posters will have to set out that those customers are not covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  In this case they would have to specify which national scheme will provide protection.
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10 DSAn £82.5m StartUp Loan scheme has been launched that will give our next generation of entrepreneurs the finance & support to potentially start over 30,000 new businesses, in a move to boost enterprise & economic growth – See ‘In the News’ section for more information.
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