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FSA: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is proposing to make it easier for firms to complete both the Complaints Return and the Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR) by simplifying & shortening them. The volume of information that firms must report through the Complaints Return and RMAR – both of which are submitted every six months by most firms – will be reduced by around 80% and 30% respectively.
Press release ~ Consultation Paper 07/17: 'Integrated Regulatory Reporting (IRR): Changes to reporting requirements affecting most firms' ~ Complaints Return ~ RMAR
HMRC: With less than 3 months to go until e-filing becomes mandatory for registered pension schemes, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is urging Pension Scheme Administrators to register now for online filing.
From 16 October 2007, Pension Scheme Administrators will have to submit the following information electronically to HMRC:
* Applications to register a pension scheme
* Registered Pension Scheme Returns
* Accounting for Tax Returns
* Scheme Administrator's Declarations
* Event Reports
* Notifications of the winding-up of a registered pension scheme; and
* Notifications of a scheme administrator terminating their appointment
To submit information online, Scheme Administrators, or a practitioner acting on their behalf, will need to be registered to use HMRC's Pension Schemes Online service. To register online click HERE, but you will need to allow up to 7 working days to register as a Scheme Administrator, as some of the information you need will be sent to you by pos
Press release
HMRC: Revenue & Customs Brief 53/07
HM Revenue & Customs is seeking the views of both data providers and users on various Intrastat Simplification options that are being considered.
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