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BISLimits on awards & payment made to workers in certain employment rights cases will be revised as from 1 February 2010 under the annual index-linked formula. The revised limits affect the:
* maximum amount of compensatory awards for unfair dismissal
* limit on guarantee payments made when employees are not provided with work
* minimum amount of compensation for exclusion or expulsion from a trade union
Press release ~ Table of revised limits, effective from 1 February 2010
Newswire – EA: Walk down your local high street this evening and you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything was still open.  From shoe shops to supermarkets, the lights are on - as are the flat screens and the illuminated signs - but no-one’s home. 
But this year that could change, thanks to a new government scheme which will require businesses to record their energy use and, from 2011, pay by the tonne for the carbon that they emit. Businesses using more than 6000MWh electricity per year, equivalent to about £500,000 worth, must register for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme between April & September 2010, driving energy efficiency to the top of the corporate agenda for some 5,000 UK businesses. 
Press release ~ CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme ~ Carbon Trust: Managing the Carbon Reduction Commitment as a Business Opportunity
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