Business and Other Briefings

LBRO: Leading UK companies have taken part in a podcast to promote the benefits of a national red tape cutting scheme that is ‘shaving £ms from operating costs’. 

A local authority version of the podcast has also been produced.  Primary Authority greatly simplifies the complexity of dealing with regulations such as trading standards or health and safety for businesses operating in two or more council areas.
By providing a single point of contact, the Primary Authority ensures consistency in the way these regulations are enforced, consistency of advice and saves business the time & costs of duplicated effort involved with complying.  Otherwise, businesses can be prosecuted, even if they follow official advice, if local inspectors disagree about how to interpret regulations.
Press release ~ LBRO Primary Authority Podcasts
Socitm: A survey by Socitm Insight for the Department for Business shows implementation of an EU directive to make it easy for businesses to find out about licensing, regulations, etc. is patchy at best

The EU Services Directive was intended to reduce government red tape for new and existing businesses, whether based in the UK or across the rest of the European Union.
For competent authorities (i.e. local authorities & others involved in regulating businesses) the Directive provided an opportunity to review & improve ways of handling online enquiries from the business sector.  

The report & supporting spreadsheets are free to download for all, since this report was funded by BIS.  Simply
register as a user on this website and you will be able to access the material.
Press release ~ Better connected for business: implementation of the EU Services Directive in the UK in 2010
UKAuthority Live: Using data for change that matters