Business and Other Briefings

HO: New rules have been published by the Government to ‘safeguard the visitor route into the UK from abuse and keep Britain an attractive place to do business’.  Under them, those wishing to come to the UK on business for up to 6 months must apply for a dedicated new business visa and prove they will be carrying out the following activities:
* attending meetings or conferences
* arranging deals, negotiating or signing trade agreement or contracts
* undertaking fact-finding missions, checking details or goods
* conducting site visits and promotional activities
The Home Office has also set out further detail on two new visitor routes for sportspeople and entertainers, recognising the important contribution these individuals make to British cultural life.  These new routes mean that an historical concession, which allowed sportspeople and entertainers to come here for a short time without a work permit to take part in certain events, will be retained.
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