HA: A new draft policy for providing & operating motorway services and other roadside facilities on England's strategic roads has been published by the Highways Agency for a consultation (closes 11 December 2007). An earlier call for evidence asked the views of road users, industry and other interested parties and that feedback has been used to prepare the draft policy.
The draft policy sets out how the Agency will regulate the provision of motorway service areas and rest areas, trunk road service areas and lay-bys to ensure they continue to provide safe &suitable roadside facilities for road users to take a break during their journey.
It says that the Highways Agency is now prepared to consider a number of new ideas which could lead to motorway service areas being used for conference facilities, coach interchanges or to provide a base for park and ride or park and share.  There is also a proposal to develop a new quality standard award for service facilities in partnership with the British Tourist Authority.
Press release ~ Roadside Facilities Policy Review Consultation ~ British Tourist Authority
DH: Speaking at this year's Chief Nursing Officer's Conference, Health Secretary Alan Johnson launched a formal consultation to look at a new structure for nurses' careers (closes on 15 February 2008). The draft proposals reflect changing health needs and the new ways in which healthcare is being delivered by organising nursing careers around a series of 'patient pathways'.
Chief Nursing Officer Christine Beasley said: It is so important that this consultation on post registration training is launched at the same time as the Nursing and Midwifery Council launch their consultation: ‘A framework for pre-registration nursing education'.
Press release ~ Towards a framework for post-registration nursing careers: a national consultation ~ Chief Nursing Officer's web site ~ Nursing and Midwifery Council consultation: 'A framework for pre-registration nursing education' (closes 8 February 2008)
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