NICE: Draft guidance from the new NICE medical technologies programme on a cardiac output monitoring device has been issued for consultation.  Provisional recommendations are made supporting the use of CardioQ-ODM, when it's used in patients undergoing surgical procedures who would otherwise require invasive cardiac monitoring.  For critically ill patients, however, there wasn't enough evidence for CardioQ-ODM to be recommended in preference to other cardiac output monitoring devices.
The consultation will run for 4 weeks, ending at 5pm on 1 November 2010. The consultation responses received will be fully considered by MTAC and final guidance is expected to be published in December 2010. More information on the consultation is available on the CardioQ-ODM (oesophageal Doppler monitor) webpage.
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Newswire – ICO: The Information Commissioner’s Office has launched a consultation on a new statutory code of practice on the sharing of personal data (closes on Wednesday 5 January 2011). The draft code sets out a model of good practice for public, private & third sector organisations, and covers routine data sharing as well as one off instances where a decision is made to release data to a third party.
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DH: ‘Cheating’ in the kitchen to make healthy dinners is no longer a sin, thanks to top chefs like Delia Smith, who have recently come out of the closet in their use of frozen fruit and vegetables in cooking.  Frozen fruit & vegetables can be just as healthy as fresh produce, that’s why the Government is launching a consultation (closes on 31 December 2010) that will, if agreed, see the Healthy Start scheme let low-income families put their vouchers towards the cost of frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as the milk, fresh fruit and vegetables currently allowed.
Press release ~ Healthy Start consultation
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