BERR: The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has published a second consultation (closes 0n 20 June 2008) document relating to implementation of the EU Batteries Directive, this time covering just its Internal Market provisions. The consultation includes draft Regulations to transpose the Internal Market provisions of the Directive into UK law that set out the requirements for placing new batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries), and appliances containing batteries, on the EU market, including the UK.  These will be effective from 26 September 2008.
The draft Regulations cover restrictions on the use of specific hazardous substances in the manufacture of new batteries and accumulators as well as labelling and marking requirements.  Spent batteries will also need to be readily removable from appliances, unless safety or certain other considerations apply.
The regulations will apply to all batteries - no matter their type or where they are manufactured, whether in the UK, the EU or imported into the EU from a third country.  New batteries and accumulators that do not meet the requirements cannot be placed on the EU market on or after 26 September of this year.
Press release ~ Implementation of the Single (Internal) Market Provisions of the Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators Directive (2006/66/EC) ~ Environment Agency - EU Batteries Directive ~ Prior consultation and responses
WAG: Deputy Minister for Skills, John Griffiths has set out his vision for reducing the number of disengaged young people in the first of a series of themed papers tackling the issues raised in ‘Skills that Work for Wales’.
The consultation document ‘Delivering Skills that Work for Wales: Reducing the proportion of young people not in education, employment or training in Wales’ sets out the Assembly Government’s proposals to transform learning provision and unlock the talent of young people.  The consultation closes on 11 August 2008 and Skills that Work for Wales, the draft Skills and Employment Strategy, will be finalised this summer.
Press release ~ Consultation: Delivering Skills that Work for Wales: Reducing the proportion of young people not in education, employment or training in Wales ~ WAG – Education and Skills ~ One Wales ~ Skills that Work for Wales – Skills and Employment Strategy ~ Careers Wales ~ New Deal
MCA: The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has launched a public consultation (closes 7 July 2008) on proposal for new legislation to regulate ship-to-ship transfer operations in UK waters. The legislation regulates transfers of hazardous substances, including oil, between ships in UK territorial seas so that:
* such transfers can only take place in harbour authority waters and
* the environmental impact of the transfers will be assessed
The Regulations also implement the European Habitats Directive in respect of ship to ship transfer and means that harbour authorities will also have to consider whether there will be a significant effect on any European designated conservation site.
Press release ~ Ship-to-Ship Transfers consultation ~ WWF - Marine pollution
ScotGov: A 3-month consultation (closes on 12 August 2008) on proposals for the unification of court administration in the Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin began recently. As part of the wider reforms of Summary Criminal Justice, the administration of all the summary courts in Scotland will be undertaken in future by the Scottish Court Service (SCS). Following unification of administration under SCS, District Courts become Justice of the Peace Courts.

The consultation paper proposes that a Glasgow and Strathkelvin Justice of the Peace Court is established within the existing buildings currently occupied by Glasgow District Court and that business from Kirkintilloch and Rutherglen District Courts is transferred to this court in Glasgow.
Press release ~ Summary Justice Reform: Delivering a Unified Courts Administration Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin ~ Scottish Court Service (SCS)
WAG: Consultation (closes 8 August 2008) on a limited update of ‘Technical Advice Note 12 on Design’ was launched by the Welsh Assembly Government last week.  This consultation is limited in scope as it updates the TAN 12 to incorporate the element of Access Statements (which are already required) and the proposed changes which follows the consultation responses to ‘Planning for Climate Change’ issued in (December 2006).
This update describes design statements, a new proposed statutory requirement, and reflects the WAG’s commitment to tackling climate change through the design of new buildings.
Press release ~ Welsh Assembly Government consultation on TAN 12: Design ~ WAG – Access statements ~ WAG – Climate Change ~ WAG – Environment and Countryside ~ Planning for Inclusive Design (Access Statements) ~ Planning for Climate Change
Ofwat: Ofwat has published the second part of its review of competition in the water and sewerage sectors.  In it they recommend that contestable water & sewerage markets are opened to competition where it will benefit consumers, and they describe the work they will be doing to enable this to happen.
The document they are publishing invites comments (by 29 August 2008)) on their recommendations to Government for legislative change, and contributes to the independent Government-commissioned independent review of competition and innovation in water markets being led by Professor Martin Cave.
Press release ~ 'Ofwat's review of competition in the water and sewerage industries: Part II' ~ Review of competition & innovation in water markets - Professor Martin Cave ~ Government's strategy on water: 'Future Water'
Energy Optimisation: Reducing Costs whilst Driving Sustainability