DCSF: Ministers have launched an interactive website and poster campaign to encourage children to give their views on play and play areas as part of a national consultation on children's play (closes 18 August 2008). 
On the website children can choose from a variety of settings to reflect their local areas, with a choice of urban, rural or sports fields on which to build their ideal play area.  In order to add equipment to their play space children must answer a series of questions around the idea of play.  The more questions answered the more points they earn to spend on designing their own play space.
Press release ~ Build Your Play Space ~ Government's consultation 'Fair Play' ~ Play England ~ BIG – Children’s Play
CLG: Local Government Minister John Healey has launched a consultation (closes on 11 August 2008) on whether or not the date of the 2009 local elections (7 May 2009)should be moved to coincide with elections for the European Parliament (four weeks later on 4 June 2009).
While no official decisions have yet been taken, combining these elections has the potential to make them more convenient for voters and more efficient for administrators, by avoiding asking electors to vote on two separate occasions in a short period of time.  However holding two different elections on the same day may confuse some voters.
Press release ~ Consultation: Moving the date of English Local Government elections to the date of the European Parliament elections in 2009 ~ Electoral Commission
SGC: Courts dealing with breaches of Anti-social Behaviour Orders should impose sentences that first & foremost reflect the level of harassment, alarm or distress caused by an offender – the Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) has proposed (consultation closes on Friday 25 July 2008).

In a Consultation Guideline the SGC identifies three levels of behaviour involved in breachesGuiding principles are also proposed for dealing with first-time youth offenders.
Press release ~ Consultation guideline – Breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order ~ Letter to consultees ~ Advice: Breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order ~ Sentencing Advisory Council and Panel
DCSF: Around two thirds of excluded youngsters have a special educational need and the new White Paper (consultation period ends on 25 July 2008)is meant to ensure they receive the support they need to turn around their behaviour and get their learning back on track – See ‘In the News Section’ for more information.
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