WAG: New plans to improve the support & care for individuals and their families living with dementia have been announced for consultation (closes on 11 September 2009).  Statistics from Alzheimer’s Society show that there are currently more than 37,000 people with dementia in Wales and this is set to rise to almost 50,000 within 20 years.  One in three people over 65 are expected to die with a form of dementia.  
The plan draws together current policies & strategies and proposes a series of actions for Wales to meet the challenges of planning & delivering better services for people with dementia. Views are being sought from all those personally affected by dementia, those working in the sector and the population at large.
Press release ~ Consultation on the National Dementia Action Plan for Wales ~ Alzheimer’s Society ~ Worried about your memory?
LLUKLifelong Learning UK is currently reviewing the National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development.  The standards were last updated by ENTO in 2001 and the suite will be reviewed to ensure they are 'fit for purpose' and still reflect the functions for which they were written.
They are now inviting all interested parties to contribute (by 20 July 2009) to Stage One of the Learning and Development National Occupational Standards review, by submitting their views on the current standards. 
Press release ~ Find out more and access the survey ~ Visit the project page
WAG: Health Minister Edwina Hart and Minister for Rural Affairs Elin Jones recently spoke at an event held as part of the consultation process on a major new plan to improve in healthcare services in rural areas of Wales.
The Rural Health Plan, which is out to consultation until 21 August 2009, delivers on a commitment in the One Wales document and aims to address the challenges faced in ensuring people have appropriate healthcare particularly in sparsely populated communities.  The consultation seeks views on the suggested more creative ways in which primary & community services are provided in rural areas.
Press release ~ Rural Health Planning - improving service delivery across Wales ~ WAG - Health and social care ~ Rural Health Good Practice Toolkit ~ Institute of Rural Health ~ A profile of Rural Health in Wales ~ Rural Health Planning for Wales - improving service delivery across Wales
WAG: Environment Minister Jane Davidson has revealed details on how the Welsh Assembly Government will cut Wales’s carbon emissions to tackle climate change.  The consultation (closes on 2 October 2009) sets out the actions the Wales Assembly Government has planned to achieve its climate change objectives, including its target to reduce greenhouse gases by 3% from 2011 in devolved areas.
In total Ministers are committing £300m across all departments to contribute to the target as a result of the proposals set out in the consultation document.
Press release ~ Climate Change Strategy (Second Stage) – Programme of Action consultation ~ WAG climate change ~ Carbon Trust ~ Carbon copy Wales - Spring 2009 ~ Wales - Green Jobs Strategy ~ Wales - Waste Strategy ~ Wales - Transport strategy
FSA: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published proposals to build people’s trust & confidence in the retail investment market. The FSA has issued a consultation paper (closes on 30 October 2009) on its Retail Distribution Review (RDR), which sets out detailed proposals to implement the wide-ranging reforms it outlined in November last year. 
The changes, which will take effect from the end of 2012, will improve outcomes for savers & investors by enhancing the quality of advice they receive, and prepare both consumers and the industry for the future.  The FSA is calling on all investment advisers to consider how they will adapt to these reforms. 
Press release ~ Consultation paper on the RDR (CP09/18) ~ FSA's RDR feedback statement ~ Discussion paper on the RDR ~ Interim report 
WAGTackling violence against women and children is central to a new strategic action plan issued for consultation (closes on 21 September 2009). The new draft action plan builds on the All Wales Domestic Abuse strategy published in 2005, but goes much wider than domestic abuse in the home – See ‘In the News’ section for more information.
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