Government launches Balance of Competences Review on the EU Budget and Financial Services  - (closes on 17 January 2014)
Government launches balance of competences review on fundamental rights - (closes on 12 January 2014)
Third set of calls for evidence on the government’s review of the balance of competences between the UK and the EU - (closes on 13 January 2014)
Review of EU activity on agriculture and fisheries - (closes on 13 January 2014)
Strengthening the legal duties on financial professionals to act in the best interests of savers - (closes on 22 January 2014)
OFT launches call for information on undergraduate higher education in England - (closes on 31 October 2013)
Reviewing the National Student Survey - (closes on 13 November 2013)
CC consults on national tariff methodology rules - (closes on 5 December 2013)
Additional Consultations: Readers should be aware that many consultations are never publicised with a press release, so do not appear in either the email alerts or Wired - GOV Plus. Many of these consultations (& subsequent conclusions) can be found at the following links:
GOV.UK consultations ~ Current ScotGov consultations ~ Recently added WAG consultations
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