ScotGov: A private tenancy for a minimum of one year is proposed in a consultation (closes 19 September 2008) launched on new approaches to housing homeless people in Scotland. Local authorities will be given more flexibility to use the private rented sector to ease waiting times experienced by thousands of homeless families.

The consultation focuses around changing secondary legislation to allow local authorities to discharge their duty to homeless households by ensuring provision of a short assured tenancy.
Press releaseConsultation on Regulations made under Section 32A of The Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 ~ Scottish Association of Landlords ~ Landlord Registration in Scotland ~ New Repairing Standard in Scotland ~ National Landlord Accreditation Scheme
Ofsted: A consultation launched by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), seeks views on whether or not Ofsted should publish children’s homes inspection reports.

Ofsted is consulting (closes 16 September 2008) with children & young people and those who look after them, or who have an interest in their welfare, to gain their views on whether children’s homes inspection reports should be made publicly available on the Ofsted website.
Press release ~ Consultation on the publication of children's homes inspection reports
MoJ: A consultation (closes 26 September 2008) on whether to move elections to weekends has been launched as part of efforts to boost engagement in the democratic process. Scrapping the traditional Thursday vote is one option under consideration as part of the Government's programme of constitutional renewal, which seeks to ‘forge a new relationship between the citizen and the state’.
The consultation debates moving the day of elections for general, local and European elections from Thursdays to the weekend. Responses will lead to a citizens' summit later this year, at which people will be invited to consider the issue and make a recommendation to the Government on whether election day should be moved.  
Press release ~ Election Day consultation paper ~ MoJ – Electoral Modernisation ~ Governance of Britain Green Paper ~ Electoral Commission - Modernisation ~ Consultation: Moving the date of English Local Government elections to the date of the European Parliament elections in 2009 (closes on 11 August 2008)
ScotGov: A major consultation to ensure Scotland is prepared for the unavoidable impacts of climate change was launched recently. The consultation is the first piece of work in building a new Climate Change Adaptation Framework for Scotland.

The consultation will run in two stages.  This first stage of consultation (closes on 31 October 2008) will connect the current stakeholder debate on climate change adaptation, while recognising that the final Framework will be informed by several crucial developments occurring in late 2008 and early 2009, including the Scottish Climate Change Bill coming before the Scottish Parliament.  The second stage of the consultation will be launched in 2009.
Press release ~ First stage consultation ~ Changing Our Ways: Scotland's Climate Change Programme ~ Scottish Climate Change Bill
BERR: A national renewable energy blueprint designed to ‘slash carbon emissions dramatically, reduce the UK's dependency on oil & gas and claim a valuable share of global green business opportunity’ has been set out by Business Secretary John Hutton.  Responses to the Renewable Energy Strategy consultation are invited by 26 September 2008.  A final strategy is expected to be in place by spring 2009 - See ‘Policy Statements and Initiatives’ section for more information