ScotGov: A consultation (closes 4 January 2008) on a new Strategic Framework for Scottish Freshwater Fisheries has been launched, which seeks to outline the actions required to develop the direction within which the future management of fisheries in Scotland should work.
The strategic framework has been developed by the fisheries sector and this consultation allows wider dissemination of their views & proposals before it can be considered for adoption by all the parties, including Scottish Ministers.  Freshwater fisheries in Scotland currently contribute in excess of £120m to the Scottish economy and support around 2,800 jobs.
Press release ~ Strategic Framework for Scottish Freshwater Fisheries ~ Scottish Freshwater Fisheries Forum (SFFF) ~ Fishing in Scotland ~ Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Freshwater Fish and Fisheries: a review
OFT: The OFT has launched consultations on the way it calculates the direct financial benefits to consumers of its work and on the way it prioritises which projects should be started and whether work on existing projects should continue.
The consultation on measuring direct benefits to consumers (closes 18 December 2007)sets out how the OFT proposes to assess performance against its key target to deliver direct financial benefits to consumers of at least five times the amount the OFT costs taxpayers. Direct benefits to consumers from OFT actions include price decreases after remedying anti-competitive activity, but also improvements in quality or the benefits consumers gain from making better informed choices.
The consultation on prioritisation principles (closes 22 January 20087)forms part of the OFT's continued commitment to a more targeted & transparent approach to its work.  This consultation is inviting stakeholders to contribute their views on what principles should underline the OFT's future priorities and explains how the OFT currently understands a range of issues, including consumer welfare.
Press release ~ OFT: Consultation on the approach to calculating direct benefits to consumers ~ OFT: Consultation on the principles for prioritisation of the OFT's work
LR: Following an internal review, Land Registry is seeking views on its proposals to amend the Land Registration Rules 2003.  The review looked for ways to improve practice for the benefit of customers and reduce the administrative burden of land registration.  The consultation period runs from 8 October 2007 until 14 January 2008.

Many of the proposals are to amend existing rules, but there are some that would introduce new practice, such as:
* a requirement on Conveyancers to provide, on application forms, confirmation as to the identity of parties they are acting for
* making exceptions to public inspection of documents in the case of those that relate to identity evidence or the investigation and prevention of fraud and other crime
* the use of statements of truth as an alternative to statutory declarations
Press release ~ Consultation
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