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EU – News: More than 100 groundbreaking information & communication technology (ICT) research projects funded by the EU were showcased at the ICT 2010-Digitally Driven bi-annual conference & exhibition in Brussels Expo from 27 to 29 September 2010.
Major themes this year are research for sustainable growth in a low-carbon economy, ICTs' constructive impact on everyday life and the importance of public funding & support in ICT research and innovation.  See ‘Press Release’ for project links
Press release
ScotGov: Fisheries Secretary, Richard Lochhead, welcomed the strong stance taken by the EU last week to support Scotland's most valuable fishery after he demanded action to rein in Iceland & the Faroes Islands, who are yet to sign up to an international agreement to manage the mackerel stock. 

For the first time, Mr Lochhead was speaking on behalf of the UK at the EU AgriFish Council, where the unilateral mackerel quota setting by Iceland and the Faroes was first item on the agenda.

At the end of July the Faroe Islands set a quota for mackerel of 85,000 tonnes for this year, more than 3 times their previous total allowable catch (TAC), which follows a recent decision by Iceland to declare themselves a unilateral quota of 130,000 tonnes. Scotland has the EU's largest mackerel quota and accounts for some 90% of the value of mackerel fishing to the UK.
Press release ~ Scottish Minister at EU talks ~ FM presses for Scotland to speak at EU talks ~ More information about sea fisheries
EU – News: The European Commission has decided to refer the UK to the EU's Court of Justice for not fully implementing EU rules on the confidentiality of electronic communications, such as e-mail or internet browsing.  

Specifically, the Commission considers that UK law does not comply with EU rules on consent to interception and on enforcement by supervisory authorities. See Press Release for details & links.
Press release
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