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Ofgem: Energy regulators in North-West Europe have welcomed the successful conclusion of a voluntary project to increase the transparency of gas networks.  Increasing the availability of information on transmission capacity & gas flows across networks in Belgium, Germany and other key transit routes in Europe is crucial to developing a more open & competitive European energy market.
The transparency project is being co-ordinated by Britain’s energy regulator, Ofgem and it is part of a wider regional initiative for north-west Europe, led by the Dutch Office of Energy Regulation.
The participating transmission system operators (TSOs) report that they are now 90% compliant with the project’s seven agreed deliverables compared to 50% compliance reported at the start of the project.  10 out of 17 gas transmission companies (TSOs) participating in the project now publish all the required data and firm commitments have been made by 7 TSOs to publish the outstanding 10% before the end of 2009.
Press release ~ Transmission Transparency Project - Final Implementation Report ~ European Energy Regulators - CEER & ERGEG
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