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EU News: The 'Renewable Energy Snapshots' report, published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), shows that renewable energy sources accounted for 62% (17GW) of the new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU27 in 2009.
Press release ~ EC’s JRC ~ Snapshots report
EU NewsBoat passengers will have more rights as of 2012, thanks to a regulation approved by the European Parliament last Tuesday. The new rules provide for assistance & compensation in cases of delays, as well as free assistance to disabled passengers

The EP is pushing for similar rights for bus & coach passengers but this has still to be negotiated with the Member States.
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ScotGov: £50m will be invested in regenerating business & transport hubs and greening housing schemes, the Scottish Government announced last week. Whole zones of Scotland's towns & cities will benefit from cash for major regeneration work including new business spaces, wireless technology zones, green energy for social housing, renewing derelict sites and more efficient transport schemes.
The fund will help kick start regeneration schemes stalled by the recession, providing backing for projects struggling to get finance from commercial lenders. Large-scale urban regeneration projects will benefit and the fund will continually recycle cash for new projects, by getting money back when projects start generating returns.
Press release ~ Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment In City Areas (JESSICA)
EU: With an overwhelming majority, the European Parliament has sent a strong message to EU Member States that the only option for effective financial supervision is one based on a thorough reform of the current system, with the establishment of European authorities capable of taking effective action to avert crises and avoid taxpayer bailouts.
Parliament voted to give a number of powers to the 3 European supervisory authorities (ESAs) which will be charged with controlling practices in the banking, securities and markets, and insurance sectors respectively. 

To ease interaction between the ESAs, Parliament is calling for them to be established in Frankfurt, rather than having them spread around the EU.  At the same time, it will be possible to have various representations of the ESAs in the most important financial centres of the EU.
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