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EU News: The EU Sustainable Energy Week (11 to 15 April 2011), which this year celebrates its fifth edition, is the key annual event of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, which showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency & renewable energy solutions.  

It aims to demonstrate to businesses, decision-makers and the wider public that sustainable energy technologies are viable, cost-effective and good for the environment & our economy. Through a series of ‘happenings’ the EUSEW puts the emphasis on latest innovations in smart energy solutions and renewable energy technologies.
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EU News: The European arrest warrant provides a tool for extraditing people suspected of an offence from one EU country to another, so that criminals have no hiding place in Europe.  While there are many successes, EU Member States can improve how the system – which is based on mutual confidence between national judicial systems – operates, the European Commission found in a report released this week.  
Member States should use the European arrest warrant with due regard to fundamental rights and the actual need for extradition in each case. The Commission is tackling some of these issues by helping to guarantee fair trials through minimum EU standards for the rights of people suspected or accused of a crime.  

The EU has already adopted legislation on the right to interpretation & translation in criminal proceedings and proposed common rules to guarantee suspects are informed of their rights.
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EU News: The European Commission has announced a series of measures to clarify & strengthen the enforcement of passenger rights across Europe.  European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for Transport, announced the measures, as the EC published 2 Communications providing a detailed assessment of the:
* first 6 years of application of the regulations on air passenger rights
* rights for people with reduced mobility
He also announced his intention to launch this year an impact assessment and public consultation with a view to the Commission adopting proposals for a revision of Regulation 261 on Air Passenger Rights in 2012.
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EU News: Public consultations on the creation of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Corps are drawing to a close (3 May 2011) – See ‘Consultations’ section for more information.