EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc.

EU co-legislators to start negotiating the Regulation aiming to reduce emissions of F-gases in the EU

The Commission welcomes agreement on global aviation emissions deal

Shale gas: new fracking projects must pass environmental test

Lithuania signed an international agreement on mercury on behalf of the EU ~ (MEPs ban cadmium from power tool batteries and mercury from button cells)

ICAO: Aviation Assembly conclusions

Parliament votes not to oppose Commission measures on flight time limitations

Council adopts the directive on the right of access to a lawyer – (Commission proposal to guarantee citizens’ rights to access a lawyer to become law ~ Completing the European area of Justice: Tell us what comes next)

European regions encouraged to offer SMEs vouchers of up to €10,000 to go digital

What future for banks in the EU? Tell us your views

EESC position on the EU tobacco review – (Tobacco: larger warnings, flavours banned, e-cigarettes regulated)

Deputy PM's speech on Britain & Europe – (Leaving EU would be disastrous for jobs and investment, says TUC ~ PM meeting with Herman van Rompuy)

Petitions: social issues, civil rights and environment top EU citizens' concerns

Council adopts the Schengen Governance legislative package

UNESCO-European Union: working together for change

Macky Sall: building peace & security is a priority for Africa and the EU

MEPs ask to improve rules for EU industry operating in China

Parliament calls for humanitarian conference on Syrian refugee crisis – (UK boosts education for Syrian refugee children)

Russia's ‘trade war’ against EU Presidency is unacceptable, say MEPs – (EU requests WTO panel with Russia over vehicle exports)

MEPs back new rules to make watercraft safer & greener

MEPs pave the way for greater professional mobility in the EU – (NHS Confederation Patients to benefit from new cross-Europe movement rules)

Human rights: persecution in Syria, Pakistan and Iran, censorship in Sudan, Iraq

European & World Day against the Death Penalty – EU underlines commitment to universal abolition – (World Day Against the Death Penalty)

Presidency will enter negotiations with European Parliament on EIB support to investment projects outside the EU

ECB and the People’s Bank of China establish a bilateral currency swap agreement

Royal College of Surgeons chair taskforce to review implementation of EU Working Time Directive in the NHS

US-led CIA rendition and secret detention programmes: impunity must end

Survey of adult skills highlights need to improve education & training

Malala Yousafzai - winner of the Sakharov Prize 2013

Telecoms ‘relevant markets’ expert advice received by Commission – suggests fewer markets should be regulated.

EU border surveillance: MEPs approve Eurosur operating rules – (Lampedusa tragedy: MEPs call for solidarity and EU policy for legal migration)

nef:  Will MEPs make the right decision? – (Parliament endorses controversial EU-Mauritania Fisheries Protocol)

Keeping benefit and business grant payments flowing