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Newswire – EUEU action plan for seabirds: the Commission calls for stakeholder input to enrich the debate. Seabirds often lead fishermen to productive fishing grounds; in return, they can often take advantage of the fishermen's operations to get an easy meal.  A happy arrangement for all concerned, you might think.  Not so, however – for the birds can become caught in fishing gear and will frequently die as a result.

In an attempt to deal with this problem, the European Commission is proposing (consultation closes on 9 August 2010) a European Union action plan to limit these incidental catches of seabirds by reducing as much as possible the interaction between seabirds & fishing gear.
Press release ~ EU Action Plan for reducing incidental catches of seabirds in fishing gears consultation
Newswire – EUSelf-employed bus & lorry drivers must be brought under the same rules on working hours as drivers who work for companies, the European Parliament decided last Wednesday, confirming a previous vote by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee.
Press release ~ Directive 2002/15/CE
Effective Communication: The Use of Big Data in the Public Sector