EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc.

ScotGov: The Scottish Government is taking new steps to promote the interests of Scotland's justice system in the European Union. A Scottish Government official recently participated in the inaugural meeting of the EU's Justice Forum, which brings together legal practitioners, stakeholders and representatives of all Member States to provide a platform for the development of EU justice policies and practice in both civil & criminal law.

In addition, a Scottish Government lawyer will be based in the Government's Brussels office from September to enhance Scottish engagement on EU matters, especially in the Justice field.
Press release ~ Action Plan on European Engagement - April 2008 ~ EU Justice Forum
MoJ: A tool to help EU citizens and businesses resolve cross-border legal disputes has been agreed with the European Parliament and the Council having both approved a Directive on mediation covering civil, commercial and family matters.  Member States will have until June 2011 to comply with its provisions
In addition to encouraging the use of mediation in cross-border disputes the Directive provides, for the first time, a framework around which parties can proceed with mediation safe in the knowledge that, should the mediation fail, matters that were raised will be kept confidential by mediators and that they will not lose the opportunity to take their dispute to court by the expiration of limitation periods.
Press release ~ EU Directive 2008/52/EC mediation in cross-border disputes ~ European code of conduct for mediators ~ Green Paper on alternative dispute resolution in civil and commercial matters ~ MoJ European and International
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