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Defra: The least energy efficient TVs will be taken off the shelves of some of the UK’s leading electrical retailers as part of a new commitment to reduce energy waste.  8 leading retailers (such as Comet) - have voluntarily joined a new scheme launched by the Energy Saving Trust and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to remove the least energy efficient TVs from their stock, and educate shoppers about the benefit of buying an energy efficient TV.
The commitment means that all televisions sold by these companies will meet new minimum efficiency standards at least a year in advance of the EU introducing these regulations for all retailers in July 2012.  The EST is working with industry to encourage other retailers to follow suit and voluntarily sign-up to join the initiative.
The worst performing 42" televisions on the shelf today can cost around £75 a year to run whereas an equivalent sized energy efficient (Energy Saving Recommended accredited - ESR) TV would cost only £33 a year to run - shaving around £340 off their electricity bills over the lifetime of the TV (7.5% of the average domestic electricity bill is spent on powering TVs).
Press release ~ Energy Saving Trust ~ Energy Saving Recommended Scheme
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