EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc.

Rural support schemes to continue

A city we like: sustainable solutions for European cities

Commission presents new EU forest strategy based on new, broader, approach to forest

EU is making major contribution to global fight against poverty

Turkish nationals do not have the right to enter the territory of an EU Member State without a visa in order to obtain services

ERA progress report: 'single market' for research closer, not yet a reality

Banking union tops agenda in discussion with Draghi

MEPs raise suspension of EU-US bank data deal

Gibraltar: European Commission sends a technical fact finding mission

Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): Political agreement reached on last remaining points – (CAP reform deal: MEPs ensure significant improvements in future farm policy)

Klaus Regling quizzed about wider lending role for European Stability Mechanism

Reform of the Court of Justice will be discussed in Vilnius

Without a strong industrial base, Europe's economy cannot prosper

Amending EU budget 2013 in line with MFF political agreement

Health MEPs call for stricter controls on medical devices

Commission launches 'Opening up Education' to boost innovation & digital skills in schools and universities

Advocate General Kokott considers that both mothers have the right to receive maternity leave in the case of legal surrogacy – (According to Advocate General Wahl, a right to paid leave of absence from employment to parents of a child born through a surrogacy arrangement cannot be inferred from EU law)

€660m in EU funding to top researchers

Electoral rights: Commission action ensures EU citizens can cast their vote in European and local elections

EU programmes for research & small firms in 2014-2020 approved

EU master plan for raw materials: innovation is the key

EU and FAO help 6 countries achieve the Millennium Development Goal on hunger

The Responsible Data Usage e-learning course from In the Know Limited