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GC:  The Gambling Commission’s nationwide series of open events are proving an effective platform for meeting & discussing issues with groups of smaller licensed operators.  In total to date, more than 200 smaller gambling businesses have attended the first 5 of the 15 events Arcade operators, off-course bookmakers, on course bookmakers and gaming machine suppliers have attended the events.

The main feature of each day has been an open forum with senior figures at the Commission.  Operators have been able to make clear their concerns about the industry and the Commission has clarified its approach to issues such as self-exclusion and test purchasing.

Still to come are towns & cities as diverse as Weymouth (next event on Monday 22 March 2010), Louth, Rotherham & Dunblane.  Operators can find out more or book a place by calling (0121) 230 6666 or registering at:

Press release

ESRC:  Sunderland City Council has teamed up with a group of academic researchers to put on an interactive event aimed at making internet users more aware of the problems of disclosing personal information online.

The event forms part of the nationwide Festival of Social Science which is run by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) - the leading funder of social science research in the - and is intended to help the general public discover more about the world of social science.  This event is being held on the 13 March 2010 at 10.30am and 12.30pm at the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

The event will be showcasing the Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) research project, which is seeking to raise awareness about online privacy.  It involves academic researchers working with Sunderland City Council to produce tools to help online users deal with issues such as privacy of personal information and consenting to that information being used appropriately.  It also aims to help those offering online services to respond more effectively to concerns about privacy.

Press release ~ Exploring privacy: your privacy and the internet (scroll down) ~ Festival of Social Science ~ Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) research project

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